HP LP3065 High Quality Monitor

Serious gamers and anyone who enjoys watching high definition programming on their computer will love the performance of the HP LP3065 30 inch monitor. The resolution can handle up to 2560 x 1600, and it will max out the performance of any powerful video card. If you want to edit or create graphics you may be disappointed with the limited flexibility of the HP LP3065’s settings, but otherwise you will find that this is undoubtedly the best monitor on the market today. Unfortunately it carries the high price tag to prove it.
The HP LP3065 looks like any average flat screen monitor. It is dark gray, and has a matte finish that makes it easy to watch the screen in a well lit room. The slightly rounded corners are a nice touch, and the screen is slightly frosted. The footstand creates a very sturdy base for this large monitor, and it doesn’t wobble even when it is pushed from side to side. You can swing the monitor up to 70 degrees, and it will tilt back 25 degrees. If you’d like to remove it from your desk entirely, the HP LP3065 has a wall-mount option that you won’t find with many comparable monitors.

There is very limited control of the settings on the HP LP3065. Brightness control is the only adjustment option you have, and you can do nothing with the contrast or image position. If you need to have strict control of the colors and display, the HP LP3065 will frustrate you endlessly. If, on the other hand, you plan to use this monitor for entertainment purposes or non graphic design work, the HP LP3065 will blow you away with its high quality images.


One of the nicest features of the HP LP3065 is that it can be viewed from almost any angle without losing color or image quality. Usually a monitor will look dimmer when you are sitting to the side of it, but the HP LP3065 didn’t suffer from any quality issues even viewed from a sharp angle. This monitor would be perfect for people who like to play games with more than one person, or groups who watch movies or videos together.

The HP LP3065 is one of the best 30 inch monitors on the market today. Its high quality images can be viewed from any angle, and high definition pops right off the screen.

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